Dogs absolutely love the meat and it is so good for them! Treats go down a storm too. Definately more beneficial for the dogs.
L Cairns

We sell only quality frozen Raw dog food and are delighted to display our suppliers below. The list will be added to as we stock from other quality producers.

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Nurture Them Naturally are based in Gosport and the they manufacture top quality Raw dog food that has proven to be very popular in the time we have been open. We supply plain minces, completes as well as meat and offal mixes all in easy to defrost 500g packs.

An example of the ingredients taken from the Chicken & Beef Complete is as follows…..
Chicken carcass and beef meat with added beef offal 10% and beef heart with added curly kale, green beans, parsnips, fair trade turmeric powder, cold pressed coconut oil, dandelion root, nettle root and green lipped muscle 15% bone content Protein 14.8% Moisture 63.1% Ash 5.1% Fat / Oil 15.3%

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Positioning itself firmly in the quality area of the market, Benyfit are a rapidly growing company that pride itself on top quality ingredients in biodegradable packaging. Their range is extensive and coupled with rapidly growing treat lines we are proud to be listed as one of their suppliers.

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Natural Instinct are an incredibly popular brand in the Raw dog food market. An excellent blend of quality and value for money with many varieties to suit every stage of a dogs life. Their range has expanded to include Raw Cat Food now as well as Raw Puppy Food and Special Diet.

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JR Pet Products are a fantastic company that supply a vast range of Natural, Healthy Air Dried treats. they are renowned for quality and we are proud that we stock a lot of their range in our ever expanding dog deli.
Some of the most popular lines we stock are: Lamb Lung, Pork Spaghetti, Puffed Pig Snouts, Dried Trip Sticks, Fish Cube Treats, Iberian Pigs Ears, Pizzles and much much more…..

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Cotswold Raw are based in Evesham, they are an innovative, award winning company that is growing by the month. Their ingredients are of a very high standard and locally sourced too.
As well as suppling minces and sausages in complete meals, we also stock their air dried treats that dog simply cannot resist….Rabbit Ears, Lambs Tails, Goat Ears, Beef Twists, Duck Feet and Beef Tails…just a fantastic company that has done so much for us as got our business off the ground.

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Kiezebrink pretty much supply everything under the sun for the pet Industry. We will shortly be stocking more exotic but no less nutritious Raw Dog Food lines such as Ostrich, Kangaroo and Bison…all renowned for their low fat high protein content.
We are also bringing into our shop frozen sprats and herring in 500g and 1Kg packs. These are packed with essential Omega 3 and 6 and are a perfect accompaniment to your dogs Raw meal.